“A lack of access to knowledgeable providers is the greatest reported barrier to care for transgender individuals.” (korpaisarn, 2018)

Meet our team of experts who will ensure that your employees leave confident in their ability to improve satisfaction and outcomes for LGBTQ+ patients and families!


Dr. jan kaminsky, PhD, RN-BC

Director of Education

Dr. Jan Kaminsky, PhD, RN-BC, is a doctorally-prepared Registered Nurse and is the Director of Education and the lead nurse planner for all of Rainbow Health Consulting’s coursework.

Dr. Kaminsky received her doctorate in Nursing from The Johns Hopkins University, where she also completed her Nurse Educator Certificate Option. Her clinical practice has been in pediatric intensive care, where she worked with a variety of LGBTQ+ families and individuals, among others. Her research interests include vulnerable groups of children and adolescents, with a focus on transgender and gender-fluid youth.

As a co-founder of Rad Family, an organization that provides social support to transgender and gender-fluid youth ages preschool through high school, and to their families, she has worked extensively to educate the community on the issues and concerns that these youth face, and how to assist them.

Dr. Kaminsky is married, and in addition to working together with Rainbow Health Consulting, she and her wife are parents to three school-age children.

She believes that every health care provider wants to provide culturally-sensitive care to serve all patients and that together, we can bridge the health gap that persists within our community.

Dr. Kaminsky has presented topics in LGBTQ+ health to an array of healthcare providers and audiences, and looks forward to bringing her message of inclusivity, understanding, and respect to your facility.


Samantha Kaminsky, mat


Samantha Kaminsky, MAT, is the Chief Executive Officer of Rainbow Health Consulting and is a masters-prepared educator with an expertise in curriculum design and learning outcomes.

Ms. Kaminsky received her Master of Arts in Teaching from The Johns Hopkins University, where she completed her student teaching in Baltimore City. Her teaching career has focused primarily on providing hands-on mathematics learning opportunities to under-served student populations.   

Additionally, Ms. Kaminsky spent three years working as a school district administrator learning how educational organizations function and how to best coach teachers in providing workshop-style learning experiences for their students.

She believes that every interaction with a healthcare provider is an opportunity for deeper understanding between the healthcare and LGBTQ+ communities. Additionally, each interaction can be barrier-free and culturally sensitive to all patients with the proper education. Together, we can begin these conversations and help close some of the healthcare gaps which threaten the long-term health and success of the LGBTQ+ community.

Ms. Kaminsky feels privileged to have the opportunity to bring her expertise to adult learners through her own “school of learning” that is Rainbow Health Consulting.