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Three Ways in Which the October 8 SCOTUS Arguments Negatively Impact LGBTQ+ Health

If SCOTUS affirms that our sexual orientations and gender identities in fact are protected by employment non-discrimination laws, it will be a strong win for our communities. However, if the justices fail to bring equity to these significant decisions, our very sense of self will be rattled to the core, and will have huge implications for our future career paths.

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Supporting LGBTQ+ Patients in Family Building and Reproductive Health

Reproductive health care is an integral part of caring for LGBTQ+ patients and families throughout the lifespan. According to a Gallup poll, more LGBTQ+ Americans ages 18-35 are considering having children than any previous generation of LGBTQ+ adults.This means that more and more health care providers will be working with families to build families in the manner of their choosing, and providers should be prepared.

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Improving the Relationship Between Black LGBTQ+ Communities and the Health Care System

Health disparities facing Black LGBTQ Americans are of great concern every day of the year. During Black History Month, Rainbow Health Consulting recalls some of the deep issues of distrust between Black Americans and the health care system, and considers ways to strengthen relationships to improve health outcomes.

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