Since Dr. Jan Kaminsky worked with our staff, we have heard from patients that they have felt more comfortable sharing their concerns. Additionally, a patient reported that it was the first time in her life that she felt that she could speak openly about her (female) partner in a medical setting because of the feeling of non-judgment in our offices.
— Office Manager, General Practitioner
Dr. Kaminsky worked within our parameters to ensure that our providers had a thorough understanding of how their actions can impact the lives of our LGBTQ clients.
Jan is an extremely skilled speaker who effortlessly combines poignant stories with lessons and key points. My students could not get enough and several stayed after class to learn more from Jan and to network with her. She knows women’s leadership issues, and she knows LGBTQ health. I endorse her with great enthusiasm and confidence.
— Yana Rodgers, PhD - Professor, Rutgers University
I recently had the pleasure of being in the audience for a presentation that Dr. Jan Kaminsky gave to a group I belong to. We are a multi-disciplinary group of 40 professionals all of whom work with children – medical doctors, psychologists, social workers, occupational and physical therapists, educators, etc. We invited Dr. Kaminsky along with several parents of gender non-conforming children to speak to us on LGBTQ needs as well as what specialists in Pediatrics [should] know about the challenges faced by such families.

Dr. Kaminsky provided this information with warmth and clarity that helped our clinicians to both understand and to integrate it into their practices going forward. Her down-to-earth and humorous approach made the content of her talk extremely accessible to the assembled health care providers. We all benefited from her expertise and relatability.
— Rika Alper, Ph.D.