so that every healthcare provider can deliver culturally competent, barrier-free healthcare to the LGBTQ+ community.

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We have a knowledge deficit

Many health professionals never learned the basics of the special needs, concerns, and health issues of the LGBTQ+ community. Some may not know appropriate terminology or may be afraid to say the wrong thing. They may feel that they treat all of their patients equally and not recognize the need for targeted care. Most health education degree-granting programs include limited or no information on caring for LGBTQ+ patients.

Rainbow Health Consulting was founded with one goal in mind - to eliminate that knowledge deficit through educating health professionals so that they may provide the highest quality care to LGBTQ+ patients and their families.

LGBT patients are at a higher risk for substance use, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), cancers, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, bullying, isolation, rejection, anxiety, depression, and suicide as compared to the general population. LGBT youth receive poor quality of care due to stigma, lack of healthcare providers’ awareness, and insensitivity to the unique needs of this community.
— Hafeez et al, Health Care Disparities Among Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth, Cureus, 2017

We can do better

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our programs deliver

awareness and sensitivity education to health care providers through workshops, lectures and seminars.

Rainbow Health Consulting works nationwide with hospitals, care providers, insurance companies, and others to train employees on the health issues and concerns of the LGBTQ+ population. We fully customize in-service education seminars and workshops so that culturally sensitive, barrier-free care can be provided for all patients.

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Caring for the LGBTQ Patient

Special Topics in Caring for the LGBTQ Patient

Caring for the Transgender and Gender Fluid Patient

Caring for the Transgender and Gender Fluid Pediatric Patient

Caring for LGBTQ Elders


custom formatS

Fully customized programs, from one hour seminars to day-long workshops are built to cover the appropriate topics and formats for each organization.



Jan Kaminsky & Samantha Kaminsky

Jan and Samantha apply their backgrounds in healthcare and education to create an innovative program to increase health providers’ culturally-sensitive care for the LGBTQ+ patient and family.